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Locale: it

Display localization status for a specific locale
ach af an ar as ast az be bg bn‑BD bn‑IN br bs ca cak crh cs cy da de dsb el en‑CA en‑GB en‑US en‑ZA eo es‑AR es‑CL es‑ES es‑MX et eu fa ff fi fr fy‑NL ga‑IE gd gl gn gu‑IN he hi‑IN hr hsb hu hy‑AM ia id is it ja ja‑JP‑mac ka kab kk km kn ko lij lo lt ltg lv mai meh mix mk ml mr ms my nb‑NO ne‑NP nl nn‑NO oc or pa‑IN pl pt‑BR pt‑PT rm ro ru si sk sl son sq sr sv‑SE ta te th tl tr trs uk ur uz vi wo xh zam zh‑CN zh‑TW

Module: all

Display localization status for a specific module
activity-stream form-autofill onboarding

Module Details

Module Total % Translated Missing Identical
activity-stream 111 100 % 111 0 2
form-autofill 118 100 % 118 0 27